The Story

Hey there! If you’ve found yourself reading this, then you are both awesome, and are probably searching for a way to add a little spice in your life. My name is Chef Josh, and I’ve worked for years all throughout the food industry. 

I got my humble beginning scrubbing pots and pans, eventually working up to doing a little bit of everything around the kitchen in both restaurants and food trailers. Over the years, I worked to learn the ropes on everything I possibly could, putting in the time, taking both risks, and advice. 

Several years ago, my family decided to invest in a food trailer of our own, and I was able to gain even more experience while traveling around the state, sometimes catering to events with tens of thousands of visitors. It was in this little traveling kitchen I created my Original “Maestro” Mix, quickly coming to use it in our regularly ordered hamburgers…and everyone loved it! 

Over and over again I was asked if I sold my seasoning to the public, and over and over again my answer was no for one excuse or another. No time, this, that, and the other thing, and so on so forth. 

Most recently I had been working nights, baking bread for a living. In any off the clock hours I had, I would play around with recipes, labels, etc. Not until I suffered a broken wrist that left me with a few months of nothing but free time did I decide to really go for it. Now, I dedicate my days to my dreams! After starting up full-time I’ve never felt better, and I’ve received some amazing and powerful positive feedback! 

This site is the result of all of that hard work. No more selling seasoning out of my car like some back alley deal, so please, enjoy your visit, and choose to spice up your life. 

Thank you for your continued support, and remember, you WILL become the master of your kitchen!